In the firmament of Spanish business entrepreneurship, A STAR HAS BEEN BORN that, with the collaboration of entrepreneurs, SMEs, self-employed workers and professionals, WILL CONTRIBUTE TO GUIDING, pointing out the path that will allow the progress of the group of associates, exchanging experiences and advice, benefiting from the strength of unity.

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With the name ÁGORA IBERCLUB, registered as a brand, we undertake a BUSINESS MOVEMENT where entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, SMEs and self-employed workers actively participate, together with Business Associations, Foundations and Entities linked to the creation of wealth and jobs in a regime of FREEDOM OF MARKET, which guarantees legal security and the rights of citizens.

ÁGORA IBERCLUB is a meeting place where people and entities converge that want to contribute to the benefit of the whole by consolidating, protecting and increasing our industrial, agricultural or commercial activities, ensuring that they are developed both from companies or individuals and as self-employed or free professionals.

We ask from the beginning for the active participation of those who, by creating wealth and jobs, wish to defend the legitimate interests that, with the strength that the Union, with those associated with AGORA IBERCLUB, intend to achieve. To this end, ideas and proposals that enrich the project will be welcomed and considered.

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